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  Here’s how the process works…We meet for the shoot at an agreed upon location.  Unlike many photographers, I don’t limit the amount of time or number of clothing changes, within reason.  We shoot until we both feel that we have captured at least 15-20 images that make us both say “wow," usually about 150-200 shots total. 

  I don't like to overwhelm clients with choices, so after the shoot, I go through all of the shots to find the best 20-30, which I send to you as "proofs."  You then select the prescribed number of images for editing, usually two.  If you need help with that part of the process, I am more than willing to offer my assistance and suggestions, but I like you to go through the images first.  



  Retouching is a critical part of the process.  If you have a great shot, and it's over-retouched, what good is it?  I retouch the images you have selected, getting rid of fly-aways and blemishes, reducing wrinkles some, and brightening the eyes and teeth a bit. You get both of those digital images in their full resolution for your freedom of use.

  One of the best comments I heard about my work was a casting agent who told one of my clients, "Finally...someone who actually looks like his headshot!"



  No two weddings are exactly alike, and as such, I tailor my photography services to your specific needs.  Sometimes, photographers are too focused on taking the perfect shot, becoming unnecessarily "bossy" and uptight, making guests uncomfortable.  As your Wedding Photographer, I am there to capture the special moments of this very important day in your life, to tell the story in pictures, not to dictate exactly what happens and when.  I am very much a "go with the flow" photographer, though I can be directive when necessary so that things like group shots can get accomplished rather quickly, and everyone can get to the celebration! 

  If you are interested in my wedding photography services, I will meet with you to discuss your specific photographic needs and desires for your Wedding Day.  I will show you my work, perusing albums from others weddings I have been honored to photograph, from New York to Massachusetts to Mexico.  I will also show you the tools of the trade that I use, only professional-grade Nikon cameras, lenses and flashes. 

  During this consultation, we will discuss pricing, which is based your individual needs, and not on a "one size fits all" pricing scheme.  Unlike other photographers, I generally do not charge additional fees for travel or accommodations.

  After the Wedding, I color adjust and crop the more than 1,000 images, covering everything from the Preparation, to the Ceremony, to the Celebration, and everything in between.  Once completed, you will be given private access to an online album of proofs, from which you can choose the specific images to be added to your album.  If this process proves daunting for you, we can discuss alternate ways to have your album designed. 

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