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   Thank you for your interest in Shawn Morgan Photography, in New York's Capital District.  I have photographed people, places and events from NYC to Lake George and from Maine to Mexico!\

   You've probably heard that you can get great photography at a very reasonable price.   Absolutely!  In fact, people are so satisfied with my work and my rates, my business is built on "word-of-mouth" alone!

   It's simple...I don't believe that you need to spend a lot of money to get quality photography.  You can, but why would you?

   I have taken countless images over the course of my life, and now it's your turn to step in front of my camera.  I shoot weddings and other gatherings, engagement sessions, headshots, family portraits, theatrical productions... pretty much anything you can put in front of my camera.

   If you have any questions or comments, let me know what they are.  I'll get back to you very soon!

Your message was sent successfully! I'll be in touch very soon!

Albany • Saratoga • New York City


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